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   Hi Rajiv !
             Thanx for your mail. 

I am surprised that my "name is familiar " to you  - but just so that you can place me better , I'll drop a few of
the names from my batch: Prashant ? (G S ), Anshuman Singh , Kabir besides "sizzlers " like Puja Sheshank , Charu
Mahajan , Mona Lisa Bhattacharya ,Bharti etc. etc. etc. Does anyone of those ring a bell ?
  So if you are in touch with anybody from either this batch or one year junior & senior, ( i.e. the '88 or '90 )
     then please do mail me their addresses.

I take it from your address that you're in (Astro)Physics . My friend Aditya informs me that you (too ) have just
arrived in N.A. - so why don't you tell me something more about y'self.


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