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Re: Rohan Oberoi is from SPV!

Hi Rajiv!

I have been an avid reader of SCI for last couple of years but Rohan 
Oberoi is on my kill file, so I havn't had a chance to read his articles 
recently.   But I think that creature has no scruples at all and suffers 
from very low self-esteem. 

He does sound like a pseudo-secularist (pardon the expression) from SPV.. 
I never gave this a thought until now, but there were a lot of people 
like him in our school.  I can investigate further since I'm going 
to India next month....Any idea as to when did he pass out? (Maybe I'll call 
his parents to tell them how their son "Naam Roshan Kar Raha Hai":)

I did read some of your stuff about Bipin and comparing Bipin Bora and Rohan 
Oberoi...good work!  But experience tells me that it is better (and 
easier) to ignore these guys than to knock some sense into their empty heads.

More later!


P.S: Also I read your posting about Chinai and Jaya's clarification through 
personal mail.  It is no big deal, just thought I'll point it out to 
her.  No public "clarification" was required :-)

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