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My school just got onto internet 3 weeks ago so please excuse if my 
message does not follow the so called protocol.I have a cousin sister 
and a niece visiting from New Delhi and on Saturday I brought them to my 
school to show them the new toy " Internet ". Anyway one thing led to 
another and we ended up getting to New Delhi and the first thing that 
came up in education was SPV homepage.
You wouldn't believe the astonishment on their face. My cousin Mamta 
Sharma has been a teacher at SPV for some 20 years. My niece Udita 
Sharma ( Really pretty and smart ) just graduated and is now at St. 
Stephen's. They had a ball reading the gossip column and Udita had few 
heartattacks reading about all those handsome guys getting married off ( 
just kidding ).
All I am trying to say is that your creation of the SPV homepage made 
their day. They would like to convey their thanks for doing such a 
wonderful job. They will be in S'pore till Wednesday. If you can respond 
to this message before they leave, it would be great.

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