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Re: Hi !

Hi Betul,

Well, we are the only two children of our parents-my brother and myself. 
My brother is still in India. I came here to visit my maternal
relatives in US in 1990 and incidentely took up a job in NY. After that I came
to Bay Area on an assignment and finally joined a consulting company
here itself and then joined Oracle Corp.and then Sun Microsystems...
Seems like a l..o..n..g time ! 

I will mention your name to my Dad when I call him next. 

Did you go to school here too ? If yes, then which Univ did you study in ?
Are you working now ? Are you in touch with all patelians or only with
your batch folks ?

Keep in touch -

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> Hi,
> I remember Uma Bhai very well. He may even remember me too ...
> Actually, my Dad also knows Uma Bhai personally, though that
> was several years ago; I don't know if they have met in the
> last few years. I think he knew him because he was from "Pahar".
> I did vaguely know that some of Uma Bhai's children were in
> the States ... 
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> Apala Chandola wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I was thrilled to see a SPV home page on INET !
> > 
> > You will be surprised to know but I am from 1984 batch from SPV and am
> > Uma Bhai's daughter. My brother Vikrant went to the same school too.
> > 
> > I am settled in US for past six years and am a Software Engineer.
> > I kept thinking about creating one but never got time to gather
> > information from different sources.
> > 
> > It really felt good to see that some one from the junior gang did
> > take initiative in coming up with this home page, after all these years.
> > Let's keep this going.
> > 
> > Good Luck-
> > 
> > Apala

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