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SPV list addition

Well,its great to find SPV on the net.It was rather a surprise for me.I am
really nostalgic about the school specially the morning assemblies.I did my
whole schooling(nursery to Xll) from spv and had a real great time with great
I did my XIIth in 91,did my B.Tech Comp. Sc. from IT-BHU.Presently i am working
as a software engineer in Motorola India Electronics Ltd at Bangalore.

I have been in touch with these people:
Salil Sood, M.V Shekar,Tarun Chopra,Vigyan Vikas Verma,Piyush Jain,Amar Singh.

Great job done Pant.Please include my name in the list.
Rajen Goel
[email protected]

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