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Re: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi

Hi Rajiv!

I was in SPV much before you but maybe you'll know my youngest brother.

His name was Kamaljit Ahluwalia (E.D) and I guess he passed out in 89 or 90.

Anyway I was also in Students Executive (Sports Secretary 84).  I was in 
school for 12 years (so were my other brothers).

Apporva Pathak and Both Parthsarthy kids would know me and my brothers as 
the Vibodh Parthasarthy was with Raman Ahluwalia and the youngest was 
with Kamal Ahluwalia.

I will be providing more info as I remember it.

But if you know anyone from pre-85 era, please let me know.  I am 
specifically looking for Padmavati RaoSahib and Vivekanand Sondhi.


- inder

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