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I am from the 1989 Engg. Drg. batch of SPV.I am a graduate student here in the School of Business at  Carleton
University , Ottawa ,CANADA. 
What batch are you from - I don't seem to recollect your name back there.
But I thought I'd get in touch anyway and find out how your search has been.Also (if it has been reasonably
sucessful) - what next ? Could you pass on the co-ordinates of others who got in touch ? 
     How about giving me some more info about y'self ?
  It would be great to hear from somebody from school.

I can be contacted on :
              Tel.(613)- 7236613 (Res.)
                   (613) - 78813109 (Off.)
         e- mail: [email protected]

                                             PARAJ KAKKAR

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