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Hi Rajiv!

Sorry for the delay but it has been a busy week!

I joined SPV in 1983 (8 std) and was there till 1988. I have been to many schools but I identify with only SPV! Great school.......and it has had a very large role in the way I think, what I appreciate and in the type of person Iam. I guess, you must also have the same feelings.

As about me.......  I  started of at SPV with quite a poor enterance exam but a decent interview..... somehow made it thru' the 8th...... was in 9-10 B ...... had perhaps the best teachers and friends who took me all the way with the right blend of culture, sports and education! ....... was in the bio section in 11th and 12th........was lucky in the enterance exams..... decided engg. was what I wanted to do...... took up Chemical Engg  at IIT-B......was quite active at IIT esp in sports and hostel affairs..... got my nick-name " premi" ( not for really the reasons which might flash in your mind)...... Then I joined MIT in FEB 93 for graduate school..... I am in the chemical engg dept and the program in polymer science and engg. and my area of special interest is polymers in medical applications----bimaterials/tissue engg./etc.

That is me......my skills apart from academics are restricted to sports (field hockey, soccer in particular)... and I appreciate most types of music and dance and arts ( thanks to SPV ofcourse).

Among the guys on your mailing list, I belong to Venkat's batch!

How about you?

Let me actually thank you for you effort in starting this net..... I somehow feel a special sense of identity with  fellow SPVites/Patelians !


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