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Re: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

	I'm sorry it took so long to reply.  As mitigating
circumstances I plead the one hundred and eight messages in
my inbox.  I've unsubscribed from a couple of mailing lists
and things should be easier soon, but as of now it's still
easier for me to go to my news reader than deal with my mailbox.
	I remember the rocket you mentioned (the one that was
too soggy because it was made with Fevicol and the plastic toys
we tried to dissolve in acetone were the wrong kind of plastic and 
didn't dissolve) but the names are fuzzy.  I was in touch with
Nishita Shah and Poorna Jagannathan for a while here -- did you
know them ?  They go to school in Washington DC now.  Zuleikha
Alana was in Bennington College Vermont for a while, but I haven't
heard from her in a while so maybe she transferred out or finished.
My sister, Pia, who is at Oxford, says she has seen Amit Sibal 
around.  Rupa Athreya is also there, though I haven't written to her
in some time.  That's about all the news I have on SPV people.  I'm
in closer touch with my friends from Columba's (I transferred there
after the 10th).  


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