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Happy New Year

A very happy new year to you too Rajiv (and to every body else). I
liked your electronic-paper letter. Thank you for taking the time and
effort to organize information about SPV. Actually I didn't know about
the SPV web page.  I would like to access it. How much disk space does
it take anyway?

I think, we did not publicize this enough. I am sure there are many
more Patelians out there who would want to keep some contact with the
SPV tradition. 

1. For instance, it would be lovely if we could set up an electronic
collection of SPV songs. I might do that myself.

2. Another possibility would be to put down the names of the teachers
and/or staff people that you came in contact with, where they are
right now (still in SPV or retired), A news bulletin of some sort.

3. Any anecdotes, I am sure every one has, with teachers, friends,

All this is possible if we keep a central web page and advertize it
sufficiently. Have you posted some mail to soc.culture.indian? Not
many people read it but those who do might remember to refer to the
web page.

Please restore the web page and tell me when you do.

	Thanks and happy new year.

					Shail Aditya.
					Class of '83


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