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Re: Happy New Year

Hey thanks for the good wishes. Can you please explain this whole SPV Web 
thing, I am totally new to this internet stuff !!! Also you may not have 
these addresses so I am forwarding them to you :
Ashish Dholakia : [email protected]
Nishita Shah:	[email protected]
Mayuri Sobti:	[email protected]
Jhilmil Mehra:	[email protected]
				Please tell me how I can access the WEB!
					Have a good one,

Nihar Shah				Elliott School of International Affairs
					The George Washington University
ex astris, scientia 	      	       		"from the Stars, knowledge"
"Tea,Earl Grey..Hot"				Capt.Jean-Luc Picard
						USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D     



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