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I heard about this net from a friend and got your email address in the
process. I was in SPV from 1981-87, 7th to the 12th class. I am not too
sure what I have to do now . What exactly is being done on the SPVnet ?

I noticed that a lot of people had said where they'd been till date so
here goes.

'87-'90 : St. Stephen's , Delhi
'90-'93 : Deptt. of CS Delhi (MCA)
'93 (Fall) to date : Ph.D student at SUNY, Binghamton, NY.

Was in the same batch with Anupama Joshi, Tarani Chandola, Soumik
Bandhyopadhyaya, Nilanjan Gupta etc. In fact was in India just last
month, met Pathak-bhai. Anyone who's interested: Apu is in Michigan


Abhrajit Ghosh.

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