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Re: SPV Home Page Update

Hi Rajiv, 
	Just checked out your new and improved home page. It is 
entertaining.  I was wondering, apropos adding improvements, whether it 
was possible to include a link to a computer at SPV.  They must be on the 
Net by now.  Actually, I have no idea what their status is.  Also, how 
about an easily accessible list of all the Patelians on the Net with 
their graduation years and vitalstatistix.  If that was available, It 
would be nice if one could find some way of remotely adding to it.  I know of
 a few Patelians presently in educational institutions in America of whom you 
have no information.  I do not know their e-mail addresses but could try 
and find out.  Amitabh Dubey at U. of Chicago immediately comes to mind 
but I am sure there are others.  How is life for you ? Anyway , nice work 

Surajit Nundy
e-mail address: [email protected]


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