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Re: Been Visiting SPV Home Pages.

Hello Rajiv, 

  Thanks for your mail. I spent a lot of time
indeed navigating thru' the SPV-Web. 

  I am a Patelian (1985-1989) and you probably
know my sister, Jayati Basu, currently studying 
at SPV. I have a very deep association with SPV
which you may not know because I was your senior. 
I was very happy to know that there is an SVP net 
here in the US --- if possible, please add me 
to the SPV Web. 

   I finished my BA from LSR in 1992 and my MA from 
DU in 1994. I was a batch ahead of Unmesh and was in 
Prashant's batch. BTW, are you that Rajiv Pant who was 
the GS a couple of years ago? I got married in December 
1993 and came to the US in June 1994 after my MA finals. 
We currently reside in Princeton, NJ where my husband is 
pursuing his PhD at Princeton University. 


        Anuradha (Basu) Dutta. 

PS. I am sending this e-mail from my husband's computer 
    account. Anyone wishing to send me e-mail can send me
    mail at the same account. 

Santanu Dutta                        |
Dept. of Electrical Engineering      |
Engineering Quadrangle               |
Princeton University                 |
Princeton, NJ 08544                  | Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee
Phone: (609)-497-6483 (Re)           | And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.
       (609)-258-4108 (Off)          | 
                                     |             - Robert Frost (1875-1963)             
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