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Hi Rajiv, 
I sure will wish Shilpa a happy B'day from your side.  She probably would 
be just as surprised to know that you remembered her B'day, as I am.
Anyway I will let you know of her response.
I just finished with my exams yesterday, so its party time for me now.
I'm planning to go to India in July as I'm taking summer courses in 
the first session.
What about you? When are you graduating? And how's it going?
You are quite a brain when it comes to being innovative on the e-mail 
aren't you?
When I go to India this summerI sure will let princi know that you are 
doing a terrific job of keeping the so called S.P.V family informed of 
each other.
Keep up the good work.
I sure will check out your new web page.
Bye for now.

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