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Hey Rajiv,
Just saw the SPV home page. This is astounding! Most of the names are not 
famailar. Some of them very definitely are. Both me and my brother-
Anshuman Singh- were in Sardar Patel. I am ancient and was in Sardar Patel
from 1967-1980. My brother was there from 1976-1989. Some of the familiar 
names on SPV net seem to be 

Vasant Sahay (he was my class mate from 1971-1980)

Paraj (he had mentioned my brother's name in one of his e-mails)

Surajit Nandy (he was my brother's close friend)

I vaguely remember Shail Aditya

I was a member of the Student's Executive in 1977-78 (Literary Secretary)
and 1978-79 (Discipline Secretary). I also ran for GS election in 1978-79 
and lost miserably to Vasant Sahay and Pawan Mullick. Last I heard Pawan 
Mullick was working for BHEL in Haridwar.

My brother Anshuman Singh graduated from NDA in 1991 and is currently
posted in Deharadun (Lt.).

Keep up the great work.

Amitabh Singh 
[email protected]
Currently finshing Ph.D in econ.
M.Phil & M.A. (Econ) D. School of Econ
BA (Econ) Shri Ram College of Commerce
Phone:(919) 967-5158
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

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