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Re: Musings of a Paleolithic Patelian

Hey Agastya (sounds like an invocation of some shloka from Samaveda),

I apologize for the loss of text. Such are the travails of treading on 
info super h'way. Here are some musings of a paleolithic Patelian. You 
could post them at opportune juncture and junction.

I am an ancient graduate of SPV. If my memory serves me right, (seldom 
does at my age!) I graduated in 1980 (was there from 1967 onwards). I 
have had extremely close ties with SPV since then. The connections are so 
intricate and circuitous that it will fry your imagination on water and 
nauseate your sensory intake. Here is a sampler:

My Brother Anshuman Singh (1976-1989)
My nieces Shubhra Thakur (1974-1987)
          Sonali Thakur (was there till 1987)
Married the elder sister of Arun Tandon (class of 1983 or 84) and Tarun 
  Tandon (class of 1985 or 86)
My sister-in-law's daughter Anisha Sondhi is currently in class one or 
  two in SPV
...and so on ad infinitum

Nevertheless, I hardly found anyone with whom I am/was well-acquainted (a
function of my age perhaps?). Hopefully, I will come across some people 
in future. Here are the ones I know of: 

  Paraj my brother's class-mate
  Surojit my brother's best friend
  Vasant Sahay my class-mate
  Nandini Trivedi 
  Mohit Randheria

As for me and my bad karma in SPV... I was in Student's Executive in
1977-78 and again in 1978-79. I also had the misfortune of running for GS
in 1978-79. I was soundly trounced by the cunning political acumen of
Vasant Sahay and a great friend Pawan Mullick (his sister Monisha Mullick
was also in SPV)... I later served as the Literary Secretary in Sahay's
cabinet. I think Vatsala Kaul became the GS next year (wasn't it the first
time a female became GS?). Vatsala's brother Vivek Kaul was a great friend
of mine (my class-mate). 

Boy I can scarcely stop reminiscing about school days! Btw the genesis of
"Julie" as enumerated in your gossip column is palapably erroneous. The
epithet was honorably transferred to her while she was still in her rookie
year under the able aegis of Raghubhai. I was in class seven at that time. 
Mind you at that time we did not even know the meaning of the words
"cutting classes" . (I have disproved the gossip by contradiction).The
bewildering loss of moorings and tradition among the later year Patelians
was not yet evident (pun intended!). Anyways, after years of repeated and
endless exposure to the gaunt, emaciated and careworn figures of Raghubhai
& Jaishiben (not a reflection on their proven & singular faculty as
clairvoyant educators) Mrs Parthasarthy was a refreshing change of
persona. One fine morning, abruptly we were introduced to this tall woman
-- elegantly & snugly draped in a saree, a sleeveless blouse, tastefully
decorated high and heavy "jooda" adorned by a carefully chosen and freshly
plucked flower, brightly colored bindi prudently implanted on her forehead
and exuding domineering (bordering on jaunty) confidence -- as the person
chosen to adroitly manuevre us for through our tender adolescence.  I
still remember the bewilderment on the faces of some us and the torpid
weazening of our very existence. Some of us wondered how a "chic thing" 
like that would steer and keep us bridled. To cut a long story short,
along the same time a character called Julie in a movie of the same name
had caught the imagination of the populace. The similarities in the
persona of the two characters (Julie & Mrs. Parthasarthy) may seem
far-fetched to some and obviously at some hyperplane it is ! 
Nevertheless, the similarities often are subcutaneous and hidden
underneath a thin veneer of philosophy. Conjure up the picture! Both of
them (i.e Julie & Mrs. Parthasarthi) were iconclastic figures that shocked
the conservative sensibilities of Indian psyche [the principal of a school
should be conservatively attired austere, forbidding fatherly or motherly
figure (not in Mrs. Parthasarthy's case) vis-a-vis marriage precedes
motherhood & sex (not in Julie's case)]. In any case, the credit for
christening Mrs.  Parthasarthy as Julie goes to the class of 1976-77! I
think this class had mssrs Harsha Vardhan, Berry, Jaspal Singh etc. I
could be wrong. Or may be it was the class of Prashant Kapre (he like I
had miserably failed in the GS elections) etc???!! 

Here are some of the teachers whose teachings have synergestically 
magnified with the passage of time -- 

Mrs. V. Subaramaniam my HRT & English Teacher... she thought I would make
a great politician...there must be some kinda way outta here said the 
jungle to the beast

Mrs. R. Arunkant ... whose girth multiplied faster than aliens could 
replicate...taught me & Sanjeev Vatsa (my class mate) the meaning of sex, 
lies and videotapes...

Mr. N.M. Bhatia...he made mathematics seem like a bungee drop from Niagra 
falls...only your pants were hooked to the anchor of CBS evening news 
rather than bungee chord

Mr. Mago...whose pre-board Math exams were tougher than George Bush's 
backbone...he almost thought that pre-boards were an extension of The New 

Mr. Surendra Prabhakar...my salutes to this k.g teacher who steadfastly 
weathered the choicest abuses hurled at a single character, ever since 
Eve's mother caught her making love with Adam. 

Ramchandra Dwivedi... he honestly feels chapter 3 verse 5 of 
Bhagavadagita is gramatically incorrect

J.D. Mehta...his pioneering teaching techniques introduced us to the 
parliamentary form of hurling abuses... a legend in his own mind

Mr. Mohta...his teaching abilities were stiffer than a rat's tail...he 
believed using the blackboard would diminish his ability to ride a 

Dr. Kamal Satyarthi...vanity thy name is expensive shoes thou wear... but 
for the home work diary of Patelians his prowess as a poet would have been 
lost to the world.

Mrs. Parthasarthi...slivered onions on red hot chili peppa'

Mr. Parasher...some mothers do 'ave 'em...Language Timothy...Pen mein ink 
sookh gayi hogi...nahin kauwwa pee gaya hoga...inculcated economics in 
me...I have been looking for him since...when last known was sighted 
playing staapoo with women in Dhanbaad

Here are some obituaries for my fallen class mates:

Virat Gurtu... passed away in road accident in Bangalore...Shine on you 
crazy diamond!

Manoj Kaushal...quem di diligunt adolescens moritur!

Patelian I Have really admired:
Shalini Randheria 

Class-mate I would die to meet:
Sadhana Narang

Class-mate I would die not to meet:
Anil Saraf
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