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Hi Rajiv,

	My wife, Manomita (then Banerjee) taught Spanish to Std. XII (Humanities 
section) from July 1992 to May 1993.  We got married in June and came here
in July.  After her, her friend Rachna Chauhan taught Spanish there till 
May 1994.  She doesn't know who is teaching there now, but SPV is acc. to 
her best knowledge the only school in India where Spanish is taught in 
Std. Xi and XII or any class for that matter.

	Manomita also taught Bangali during her stay at SPV.  She is all
praise for SPV and the way things are carried out there.  She will be 
doing her last semester of her MA in Spanish here in Syracuse Univ. this 
fall.  She is also appointed to teach freshmen and sophomore Spanish here.
For any further info. you can contact her at [email protected]
or send me a mail, which I can forward to her.  Thank you.

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