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I recently saw the SPV-net, boy could'nt believe my eyes !

Here are a few particulars:

I graduated from SPV in 1986 (stay 1980-1986)
I was in the apurva pathak, vibodh parthsarthy, shivaji deogam
batch for all of you new comers !

email: [email protected]
       [email protected]

	607-256-7326 (Will change after aug. 14th)
	Graduate student Food Science and Technology
	1026 Ellis Hollow Road, # 26
	Ithaca, NY 14850

a few of the ol' timers may remember me as the sedate (?)
brother of avdhesh sapru (batch of 1987)

good luck and keep up the good work.


There is no truth...only interpretations !
(i.e. A grad students nightmare)

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