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Another Patelian from the batch of 83

     Hi Rajiv and everybody
     I'm Sanjay Gupta. Completed class XII E.D in 1983. Wow ! that was a 
     long time ago....Some of my friends from that batch are Dharmen Shah, 
     Jignesh Shah, Arun Tandon. Arun is in Louisiana doing his PhD. God 
     knows for how long :-).
     Last I heard Jignesh moved to Gujarat (in his textile business). 
     Dharmen is in Delhi (chemical business).
     I did B.E. Comp.Engg. from U.of Poona 1984-1988 and M.S. CIS Temple 
     Univ.Philadelhia 1990-92.
     Currently working in Philadelphia as Network/System Analyst.

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