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Ex Patelians


Imagine my surprise when my search engine showed a pointer to your home page during my search for Hindi fonts on the net. It's wierd sitting in Norway and suddenly discovering a network of ex-pupils from a school my sisters and I once went to. I was there from 62 to 69, i.e. Nursery to 7th, while my sister Astri Ghosh attended at SPV all 12 years starting in 1964. My youngest sister Ella Ghosh was there from 68 to 76.

I havent got a home page yet, but can be contacted at the address below. If anyone wishes to contact my sisters, I can pass on the message.


Gautam Ghosh						[email protected]
ISI AS, Postbox 233 Oekern, 0510 Oslo, Norway		(+47) 22 07 60 00

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