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SPV home page

I was amazed and v. happy to read about the spv page.
 I bumped into it accidently while exploring something totally different.
 However I am from a pre historic batch - class of 72. 
Hope some of you were born by then. 
But I do recognize a lot of names - teachers and also
some juniors whose older siblings were closer to us in years.
I cannot get to other Indian school links - gives me 404 url not found error.
My husband is from DPS ( the main) and we are ahead of them as far as the web and home pages go.
I would like to give my son a tour of the school this time.

During our years we staged some very good plays under the direction
 of B. V. Karanth who was later the Director of the National School of Drama

I wonder if they still have the Diya ceremony for the graduating class.

I hope to bump into some friends via this net.

Cheers for your efforts .

With best wishes to all Patelians - Nandini Sahgal (now Lonkar)> [PLEASE USE NETSCAPE 1.1N OR OTHER HTML 3.0 SUPPORTING BROWSER.]

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