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Hi! Rajiv,
     How are you? I was net surfing one day and I came across SPVnet, I was
astounded and excited to find SPVnet, as the excitement came down I
realized that I am really late and was not aware of the stuff I was
missing, Anyway at least I found it. 
     Let me introduce myself to you. I am a patelian, I graduated out in
1989 and was in Commerce Section(sounds familiar I guess NOT!) I was
not a popular personality. some of my batch mates are listed in the
SPV list but as I am responding so late hopefully the address they
have are correct. I will appreciate if you can add me to the SPV list. 
     I did my Bachelor Degree from Hindu College and I am here in Virginia
for about 4 years now, I am presently working as a programmer Analyst
with MCI Telecommunication Corp.
     I appreciate your efforts for the SPVnet,  I would love to be
a part of it. I feel so very proud being a Patelian. 
     Keep in touch, I am sending the same mail to my Batch mates(in
the list) hoping that they will get it and respond. 
     That's all for now. Here is my addresses.

Ms. Laboni Majumdar
[email protected]

7137 Richmond Highway #168
Alexandria, VA 22306

                              Take Care


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