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Add another Patelian to your list.

I accidently but of course fortunately discovered your home page and the links 
to SPV home page while surfing 'Indian Humor'.

Needless to say how delighted I was. 

I wish my name to be added to the patelian list.

I am from the '89 batch ('D' Section) & I joined SPV in 3rd std. I did my 
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IT-BHU in 1993 and have been since then 
into computers & networking (sounds strange !!) . I worked for two years in 
TATA STEEL and have been working for SPRINT since last year both in Delhi & 
Dallas. TX. Currently I am stationed in Delhi.

I was quite famous (read notorious) in school as the fat joker surd capable of 
all unpredictable things on earth. Most of the patelians of my time know me as
'PUPI' , 'Pushpi' or 'Pushy'(Given by Gargi Bhatt - The "liberal" history 
teacher who used to carry a glass of water to the class). 

That's all for now. Please send me more info about SPV if possible.

Regards & Bye,
Pushpinder Singh.

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