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 Hi Rajiv...i would like to be on the SPV Directory...


 Nursery - Xth ( - 1987): The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi
 XI-XIIth ( 1987-1989 ) : Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
 B.A. ( Eco ) 1989-1992 : Lady Shri Ram College.
 M.A. ( Eco ) 1992-1994 : Delhi School Of Economics
 Joined University Of Wasshington , Seattle in Fall 1995 for Ph.D in Eco.

 3910 Latona Ave. N.E.,
 Apt.# E,

 Phone# : 206-547-6338.

 email: [email protected]


 Amongst all the songs that we sang in SPV ( i was in the choir ) i liked
 the following the most:

 1. Yeh wakt na thahra hai , yeh wakt na thahrega ,
    Yun hi yeh guzar jayega , ghabrana kaisa.

 2. Chod ped ki chhaon musafir

 I can't remember the other good ones..but yes one thing i have not been
 able to get over is the song " Ek chatur naar kar ke shringar " sung by
 Kishore bhai and Shani bhai.

 My most unforgettable experience had been with the Assembly which was
 conducted in Hindi. Actually before this i had been to an Anglo-Indian
 School( The Frank Anthony Public School ) where even the song " Hum honge
 kaamyab " was sung as " We shall overcome "...so it was a pleasant

 However i faced a big cultural shock when i saw everybody addressing
 their teachers as Bhai and Ben. I came from a school where we would refer
 to our teachers as Sirs and M'ams. Initially i thought i would never be
 able to get into this , but finally did " What the Romans did " ( since i
 was in Rome!!!!)

 Another change was the way we greeted our teachers ... rotating the hand
 in the air....we were used to the Goodmornings and Good afternoons. In
 fact there was a joke amongst my friends from my previous school
 regarding this...They thought that it was as good as a teacher asking the
 students if they had grey matter and the student would signal this way
 saying NO.

 The Elections for the GS was another change i found in SPV. In fact i
 liked it a lot. It was like strengthening the democracy at the grass
 root level. The most amazing thing was that SPV was the only school
 which recognized the fact that all responsibilities should be entrusted
 to the 11ths and 12ths( The Board Class ) could concentrate more on
 Academics .

 More i'll write later.

 I hope i will see my name on the SPV Directory soon.


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