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Hi! Rajiv,

You have done a superb job with the SPV page.

I also went To Sardar Patel school through year 1965 and most of my class
fellows graduated in 1966. We were transfered and I finished my Higher
secondary at a different school but consider myself a SPV product.  

The School had a lot of Ministers Sons and Daughters Studying in it at the
time i was there. Few that I can remember, Arun and Kiran sons Of Manu Bhai
Shah ( Minister of Commerce), Joyti Nanda daughter of (Gulzari Lal Nanda) etc

The Principal at The Time was The Founder of The School Dr. Raghu Bhai Nayak
and his Wife Jashi Ben Was the Vice-Principal.  His daughter Was my classmate
Ira Nayak. I think Prashant his son Is In NY now and he is a Physician.

I think I can go on for ever as I was real Excited to see the school name on
The internet, makes me Feel like a Kid again

If u get a chance  E- Mail back and tell me about URself /  Presently I work
For a Major Pharmaceutical Company and Specialize in Cardiovascular product
Sales and Marketing

Dinesh Chopra  ([email protected])

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