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Sardar Patel Vidyalaya - Philadelphia, PA Alumni E-mail Registry and Bulletin Board

       Upon the suggestion of one of your alumni, Rajiv Pant (Betul) ([email protected]),
I would like to announce the addition of Sardar Patel Vidyalaya - Philadelphia, PA
to the India Alumni Page located in http://www.infophil.com/India/Alumni/SPVID.
The alumni page is a voluntary effort by several U.C. Berkeley students
and will always remain a free service. It is intented to supplement the
home page you are maintaining.
        It offers a central site in which people can look for alumni
from your school. The page offers a bulletin board which should reduce
e-mail clutter. Only registered alumni can post messages in the bulletin
board. It also offers an automated e-mail registry in which an alumni
can automatically update his or her information. The use of passwords
also empowers the alumni to only have their e-mail addresses available
to fellow registered alumni. Hence, this registry would reduce the man
power needed to maintain your home page.
      Please put a link to it from your page (http://rajiv.org/spv/)
and also please publicize it to your fellow alumni.
Thank you.

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