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SPV - 1976

My wife Nita (Lala) now Bhatia graduated from Sardar Patel in 1976.  I 
thought I should post this message to other students out there.  Me and 
Nita are both new to the Internet.  Nita is a teacher at Los Angeles 
Unified School District teaching Science.  I teach part time at an adult 
school in Los Angeles.  Nita is extremely proud to be a graduate of 
the Vidyalaya and often talks about her time at the school.  We both 
like to wish you guys from Sardar Patel Vidayala our very best.

If anyone likes to send us a message to just say hello to Nita, please 
feel free.  Nita, though has her own internet address, is mostly using 
mine which is:  [email protected]

Please write us.

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