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Hi Rajiv,

     My name is Laboni Majumdar, I graduated out of school in 1989(a long
time ago) I was in the Commerce section. I was net surfing few days ago
and found SPVNET out there, at first I was really astounded, then by
the time the excitement was over I realized I am very late responding
to the network.

     Now, I am under this impression that there is no more email exchange
taking place, I did not see any Email dated 1996.  

     If SPVNET is still active, I will appreciate if you put my name
and address there.     

Laboni Majumdar
7137 Richmond Highway #168
Alexandria, VA 22306
Email [email protected] 

     If possible, keep me posted with what's going on.  That's all for
now, take care 

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