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17dec96 1352hrs IST

Dear Rajiv

Hi!  How have you been?

I was going through the page that you'd made for SPV.  You asked readers
to get back to you on any incorrect info or spelling mistakes that might
have appeared.  Well, here were a couple of things I noticed in the tea-
chers & staff section:

* Shivani is still counsellor.  The "ex" has to be removed from in front
of her name.

* Sweta (assistant to Princy) has left.

* Sabitha ma'am & Kadambari ma'am have long since left.

* S.Bhargava is actually Sadhana "Chhipkali" Bhargava.

* Renu is actually Mrs Renu Verma.  She teaches Eco, NOT Commerce.

* Bina Malhotra has left.

* Since you're including nicknames, you could, if you like, put "guruji"
in front of Mr R C Dwivedi's name.

* Mr Singh(sports)'s nickname, according to many, is "Singhada", as in
singhade ka atta.

* Umabhai (U S Chandola) has retired.

* The other music teacher is not Mr Sahni, but in fact Mr Sahane.

* The word "canteen" has been misspelt under Mr Balan's entry.


* The Accounts teacher is Susan George.

* The Business Studies teacher is Vidhu Bhatia.

As I find more stuff, I'll keep sending it across to you.

I'm looking for someone with a Hindi wordprocessing software so I can
send you the songs.  Tell me, just as an option, does it make sense
for me to send you the SPV songs in English (phonetic transcription);
and is it possible for you to then find a Hindi w-p software there?
This is just an idea.  I'm nevertheless searching.

Another idea:  Do you have a directory of SPV students on this page?
You know, for instance, everyone with email.  I'm sure you know a lot
of people there.  I could send you other addresses from here.  If you
like, you could include postal addresses & phone numbers.  Let me know
if the idea pleases you, I'll try & get a list together from here.

Let me know if there's anything else that I can do.

                                                Mallika Trivedi

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