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Re: SPV NET: List of past and present teachers and staff on www


I want to give you the name and address of a very precious SPV alumni !

The daughter of SPV's founder Principal (Dr. Raghubhai Nayak). Please 
mention this when you add her name to the list. She is married and she 
has been in the US for over 20 years now. Here goes:

Mrs. Ira Ghosh
4152 Hound Court
Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-863-7527
Email: [email protected]

She recently got an email add and is not familiar with WWW/Mosaic....

She was very very happy to know about the home page...although it made 
little sense to her....may be after they get on Netscape she'll be happier.

Thats it for now...


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