Sardar Patel Vidyalaya is a school located in Lodi Estate, New Delhi, India. It is known for for extra-curricular activites that complement and compliment academics.

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About SPV

List of past and present Teachers & Staff


Classes: Nursery, 1-st upto 12-th grade.
Students: ~1,500
Teachers, Supporting staff: ~200


Besides the usual subjects, the students are taught four languages. English, Hindi and Sanskrit are mandatory. For the fourth language, there is a choice between one of Tamil, Urdu, Bengali or Gujrati.

After completing 10-th grade, students can choose to major in either one of the four: Computer Science, Biology or Pre-Medicene, Business and Commerce, or Humanities.

Sports and Atheletics:

The school's Cricket team is one of India's best. Players have gone on to join regional teams as well as the Indian team.

Interested students participate in regional atheletics matches. There is also a gymnastics team. The school has a whole Activity/Sports week unlike most other schools' single sports day.

Exposure to the Democratic Process:

Elections held at the Class Representative level as well as the General Secretary of the Student's Executive level are held with full campaigning and secret ballot.

Fun Facts:

The students often hang out in the nearby Khan Market after (and at times during) school hours. Many students like to call the principal, Mrs. Vibha Parthasarthy Princy or Julie. Rumor has it that the got the name Julie as she had to sit through four shows of that filmin an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend students that were cutting classes.


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