This is the story behind the SPV-Net project:

Created: November 1994
Updated: Sometime in Early 1995

This was the First www home page of any school in India. It was the the first entry to be included in yahoo 's Regional_Information/Countries/India/New_Delhi/Education category.

It began as a project to bring old friends together and to make new ones. I posted on the usenet group soc.culture.indian looking for SPV alumni or anyone related to SPV. The response was delightful. You can browse through the letters I receieved from the main spv page.

Seeing the number of enthusiastic people, I decided to start an SPV usenet discussion group soc.culture.newdelhi.spv. There was no problem getting the hundred yes votes as I had enough friends willing to vote. However, the enthusiasm towards that idea was not enough to go ahead with it and I decided a mailing list would be a better idea.

Equal credit goes to Agastya Kohli . (By the way, my name is Rajiv Pant (Betul) -- one of the most outstanding students SPV ever had. (Ask anyone, my teachers and the Principal always made me stand outside the door :-) We made it a point to get the SPV Net started and running. Agastya set up an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot and an #SPV channel where SPV Netters can chat online. As webchat and other web based interactive programs get common, we will also have an SPV Net Web Talk-in-Person site where besides online text, we can also share pictures and sound and even video. I have the prototype ready and will install in when I get some free time this summer. (Oops ! I just read this today and now it is summer and I have a full time job at Unisys ... well, sometime ;-)